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You can join this site by mailing a check (US $), money order (US $), or cash (US $, Euro, GBP). Please print out this page and fill out the following details (if you can't print this page, we will still need ALL the following details):

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We will send a confirmation e-mail within 2 business days of receipt of payment (so make sure your e-mail address works). We recommend using traceable money orders (keep the stub!), and registered mail. You may send cash, but be aware that we are not responsible for its loss in the mail. If you are mailing cash in Euros and GBP, please refer to an exchange service for the current exchange rate.

Plans: Circle One

18 Months + Free Roku ($8/month): $144
12 Months ($8/month): $96 (You save $84)
6 Months ($10/month): $60 (You save $30)
1 Month: $15
1 Month ROKU-ONLY Plan: $8

All prices in US dollars.