Agreed!!!! Why the obsession with anal anyway?
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  • Because they are all closet Homosexuals? WAY too much anal on this site now as it is. We all don't need or want every single scene to have some wrecked gaping asshole in it.... That's just sick.
  • VideoBox member says...
    VideoBox member says...
    The "closet homosexuals" argument doesn't really hold water unless you feel the same way about BJs, HJs, and even good old fashioned making-out, for that matter. You are implying that anything other than coitus has homosexual undertones. Personally, I love lady-butts. They all need not be banged but they do need loving. Relating the act to men when a woman gets anal seems more suspect than anything else. Either way, it's the 21st century. Do what you feel.
  • VideoBox member says...
    VideoBox member says...
    Well...."anal sex" is the de facto method of copulation for homosexuals (speaking to the previous implication of males) and not as commonly associated with boy/girl copulation as coitus. Therefore, to infer that BJs, HJs and making out are the same is also an "argument that doesn't really hold water"
  • VideoBox member says...
    VideoBox member says...
    I don't know if that's true. I figured gay guys do all of the above (excluding the coitus, generally). If it's with a woman, it's straight. That's my line of thinking. Unless you make her wear a fake mustache and a strap-on and have her fuck you up your ass while she says stuff like, "Do you like that?" in the huskiest voice she can muster. That might not be straight...
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